Dead squirrel in yard, how to dispose/what to do?
  • Usually this is Mr. Shh's territory, but he is at work until way past dark.

    This is the second dead rodent found in my yard in a few days (the first was a mouse). Either the birds are vicious or someone has poison out, not sure which.

    This is a full size squirrel, intact. Luckily my yard is big enough for my kids to play elsewhere, but ick, nasty. What am I supposed to do?
  • i would dig a hole somewhere out of the way, then pick up the dead squirrel with the shovel and bury it in the hole.
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  • That's a lot of work for me!
  • Sitting here wondering what to do is a lot easier!
  • Take a shovel, scoop it into a plastic bag, put plastic bag in the regular garbage.

    Do not put the squirrel in a pizza box and leave it out front for box day pickup - someone did that to us in our yard with a giant oppossum and it freaked out the garbage men.
  • Pick it up with a shovel and put it in the trash (or into a wood pile or the like, if any). fwiw, with one mouse and one squirrel, I wouldn't worry about poison unless they look odd. Sometimes the squirrels fall while doing their tree acrobatics.
  • Posted By: shhThat's a lot of work for me!


    yeah, and it's kinda sticky outside so fiddle-dee-dee, tomorrow's another day ! :tooth:
  • call mem.
  • Called Animal Control. They are coming to pick it up. Whew. Buh-bye Shirlock!
  • Shh,
    I am glad the ACO will dispose of it for you. You might want to put some green Palmolive Dishwasing liquid in a hose sprayer and wash down the area.

    Although I am squeamish, putting dead wildlife in the trash is acceptable. All the destroyed animals from NJ shelters wind up in landfills. Sad,but true.
  • I don't use Palmolive, only eco-friendly dish soap. I have have some ammonia from my raccoon situation, and some bleach...will either of those work? (I know not to mix the two.)
  • Had to dispose of a dead squirrel a week or so ago. It had expired in front of driveway, although it didn't have the look of roadkill. I used a shovel and put it in a garbage bag and off to the landfill it went with the next pickup.

    However, Mrs. K wasn't really happy when she opened the kitchen can and found the squirrel in the garbage bag. Sometimes she is such a Princess. :cry:
  • Shh, I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I read your post. NOT that your situation is extremely funny, but this happens to many.

    Last year my neighbor came running over to me, with a request to help her friend out. Seems a squirrel had gotten in to the garage and eaten the rock salt--falling dead next to the bag.

    She was totally freaking out.
    I went over with my shovel, scooped it into a garbage bag and tossed it in the trash.

    Meanwhile, my cat brought home a dead rat larger than a man's shoe one day and I totally went bizerk in the back yard! My son had to scoop it--I couldn't bring myself to go near it.
  • Funny you mention rock salt. Mr. Shh cleaned out the water softener and left a bucket of rock salt next to the basement door. :shocked:

    Bob, you did NOT leave it in the kitchen trash?! I would have fainted.
  • Yup, plastic bag it. We found one dead in our yard last week and my boys helped with a shovel and we put it in a green garbage bag. I did throw kitty litter on top of it though because we were days away from trash pick up. It didn't really help with the smell so I ended up pouring some Fabuloso into my can to help with the funk. The heat is high, so prep your nose for some nastiness.
  • Shh, see Kibbe's post. The heat is why I brought it inside. I thought about putting it in the freezer, but that was too much even for me.
  • OMG, I would sooner leave it out there with an orange cone on top than bring it in!
  • is there something wrong with burying it in the yard? i'm surprised everyone wants to throw it in the trash.
  • It gives me great joy to hear of all the dead squirrels... die squirrelly mother*****s, die!
  • TSMT, they have been QUITE active lately. And there have been lots of baby squirrels running around too.
  • Posted By: The Soulful Mr TIt gives me great joy to hear of all the dead squirrels... die squirrelly mother*****s, die!

    I've never hated them until moving to Maplewood. They are systematically destroying my quote unquote lawn. How can an animal too dumb to remember where they bury acorns be so ubiquitous?
  • it's their world, too. i love the baby squirrels...they are too cute.
  • I was going to suggest launching squirrel nutkin into the neighbors yard from a shovel but I'm sure the garbage would work as well.

    Whenever my sisters, one of my brother-in-laws (he found a dead squirrel once and was convinced the crows would attack him if he touched it) or I find some dearly departed rodent we always call my mom. On time after I found a dead mouse in the yard I called my mom to dispose of it. She then asked why she was always the funeral director in these situations. I told her, I found it, I pronounced it, I've done all I could do. She just shook her head, laughed and loaded mickey into the garbage from the pooper scooper.
  • Great with fried onions,a little salt & pepper.
  • Don't touch the squirel. As mentioned pick it up with shovel or other device drop into a plastic garbage bag/ draw string tie tightly and into can.
    If you have add'l dead rodents contact animal control officer. Whatever is doing this may attack pets.
  • pick up with shovel and throw into your neighbor's yard and run back in your house before they see you...that's what they did last night
  • "Whatever is doing this may attack pets. "

    With all respect, if there's enough left of a mouse that shh found it, I'm doubting it was attacked by anything, let alone something big and fierce enough to endanger pets. If these critters were prey, and not dead from whatever random causes, wouldn't it probably show?

    @oldstone - If shh's yard is anything like my SO yard was, the digging ain't easy, except in prepared beds.
  • Posted By: cougar86pick up with shovel and throw into your neighbor's yard and run back in your house before they see you...that's what they did last night

    LOL...except this is no where near a fence! It is odd to have found two dead rodents in a week. But better dead than alive I guess!
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  • You should have thrown it into a food processor with a little peanut butter, and fed it back to the rest of the little b*stards.
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  • Blech! I think I vomited a little in my mouth just from reading that.
  • If you put lime into the plastic bag with the dead squirrel, it won't smell bad. We had a dead deer in the ravine behind our house and animal control hiked down there with 100 pounds of lime and covered the corpse. The lime also speeds decomposition, or so they said.
  • Do you have any m-80's?

    My guess is a cat got it. Sometimes they kill to eat, sometimes they kill because something in their head tells them they must. Ditto for the mouse. My "killer" beat one to death in the kitchen a few months back and then just stood next to it, waiting for me to show up, with a dementedly satisfied look on her face.

    Poison is a possibility, however. I understand animal control took care of this one, but with two corpses in a week it's possible one of your neighbors has declared a secret, dirty war on vermin, and it's bearing fruit. Normally I would say "bury it", but with the possibility of poison I'd bag it and put it at the bottom of the garbage can, no matter how nasty- Don't want a neighborhood pet digging it up and eating it.
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  • Is there anyway to tell if it was poisoned? We are not allowing our cat outside and no longer have a dog.
  • Jackson, I stand corrected on the prey question! We occasionally find a mouse, usually right in the middle of the floor looking as if it had had a tiny mouse heart attack. 99% sure the cat got it then lost interest.
  • I think bleach is best for disinfecting.

    I would probably use the method dog owners use for picking up dog sh!t, which is to stick your hand in a plastic bag, use the bag as a mitten, pick up the carcass, then turn the bag inside out with your other hand. This puts the carcass in the bag, and you don't touch it. I recently did this with a mouse that our cat left for us.

    It's fine that Animal Control is taking it, but it's also fine to put it in the garbage.
  • Oh god Tom. I could never do that. Blech!
  • No way would I touch that carcass. With gloves even.. I wouldn't even touch it with a shovel. :fierce:
  • Oldstone if a prey animal is found dead, with no visible marks or injuries, I always assume poison. When I found a dead bunny, serendipitously, I was having squirrels humanely removed from my garage attic. The squirrel guy took the bunny for me. But I had wrapped him for the trash because it didn't look like he had been mauled. I would be afraid Gracie or one of the free roaming cats would disturb it if I buried him.
  • Actually rabbits are the only animals that can die of fright. Sad but true.
  • Posted By: shhCalled Animal Control. They are coming to pick it up. Whew. Buh-bye Shirlock!

    In case you're still wondering what happened to it...
  • The funny thing is, it lying next to a tree that looks just like that!
  • Like lizziecat we recently had a dead fawn in the brook behind our house. I was going to bury it but my wife convinced me to call the health officer who came and took it away. Smaller animals I would bury.
  • .
    Squirrel pumpkin 6.jpg
  • Defcon, that photo is a scream!

    We had three (!) squirrels that somehow got into our big garden waste container and expired while we were away on vacation. When we got back, the can was crawling with maggots. Horrible! I called Animal Control and the guy asked me if we wanted the can back, so I said, "NO! Thank you!" and he laughed. He said that everyone said that, even though they could just wash out the can and it would be "good as new", or some such. Made me wonder how many squirrels meet their end in waste containers...
  • "I'm not telling!"
    squirrel Garbage 1.JPG
  • We had a decapitated squirrel in our side yard. We didn't do anything for a day and when we went to go dispose of it, it was already gone!
    Sometimes laziness & procrastination are really your friend :wink:
  • headless carcass=cat kill

    disappearing body= carrion eaters

    It is really an efficient system.
  • I was once sitting in my apartment, watching TV. The lights went dim and I heard a loud pop outside. Then the TV came back on and I went on with my "life".

    About an hour later I went outside to find a dead squirrel laying in my driveway, directly under the power line - not a scratch on the poor little fella. I was 22, so my solution was to kick it onto the sidewalk. It was gone when I got home.
  • Well animal control never showed up. Sherlock is still lying there.
  • oh jeez, how did I miss this thread?!?!

    sorry, but who suggested picking it up with a plastic bag like dog poo?!
    who on earth would have the stomach for that? bleccch.
  • I think it was Tom! I certainly do not have the stomach for that. Nope. Mr. Shh is home so since Animal Control blew me off, he will have to do the dirty work.
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